Today is day what? 7 i think. I’m trying not to blog each and every day as that may get boring quite quick.

I have kept up with not having pop for a week now. The cravings and visual stimulations and the brain communication is still very strong. Common you know you want it. Just have one and you can go back to the challenge. But it does not work that way. One leads to 2 then leads to 5 cups a day which can easily build back up to 2 or more litres a day. And I would have to start this challenge all over again.

Will they ever go away. I have been drinking pop for soooo long probably most of my life.

Will I ever stop the desire to have fizzy sweet cola with the thoughts that it will satisfy my psychological needs and make me happy?

Today i have doubts. But so far enough strength not to give in.

At least for today.

Day 6 : Pick Up Sticks???

Day 6. Doing ok. definitely noticing that fat sugary salty foods do go down better with a nice cold coke!

Hot, sweaty, working in the garden. Pulling the weeds. Cultivating the dirt. A cold coke would taste real good but does not really satisfy the fact that water will be a whole lot better for the body.

Didn’t quite drink enough water today. Gotta work on that tomorrow.

The coworker that is inspiring me to do this challenge gave me a high 5 today. That was the best part of my day.

The ultimate goal i suppose is to just keep going with a pop free life. The point is that counting the days will eventually fade away as this will just become an ordinary way of life.

And….. to look forward to the next challenge that can be accomplished.

Day 5 and Still Alive!

Made it to day 5.

Think I’m starting to observe other situations where pop temptations exist. Most notably junk food. Pop and chips. Pop and a chocolate bar. Rum and coke. There is many many many connections that can include pop. And I have noticed when i am indulging on a candy bar the craving for a cola does indeed dome back!

I know that I have only committed to breaking so far one of many bad habits one hundred days at a time. I suck at determination and committment and i really do want to see this through.

Suppose the observations are important to see if I am strong enough to maybe next time set not just one goal but maybe 2 or 3 at a time.

Physically I’m feeling a little tired again today.  The weather is blah outside and I’m huddled  under a blanket at the moment keeping warm. Nice and toasty warm. Watching crap on tv and doing laundry. So far I have not had a nap yet.

At one point my hubby suggested that I could drink iced tea to maybe get a  caffeine buzz but to be  honest im not really an iced tea fan. there is a lot of sugar in that stuff.

My mood is ok. Not as grouchy and irritable at the moment.

Drinking water and had some orange juice.

Pop temptation happened for a short little bit at the grocery store but again i was still strong enough to resist.

Realized too that I should not indulge in the favourtie summer time treat of a slushy as they usually have a pop syrup in it. No ice cream floats. No slurpees or any iced drink with ice cream.

Sacrifices to be made but it is for the greater good.



Day 4: Grouchy Achy Bitch

Today is day 4 of the 100 day challenge. I am achier than shit. My hips hurt. My calves hurt. My feet hurt. My headache continues.

I am sleepy. Slept about 11 hours today. My energy level is moderate but i still don’t really feel like doing anything.

Had a dream last night that I was at a local area beach house with the Obama’s? Trust me it’s never a common thing with me that I dream about presidents current or past!

Still have had no pop. My psyche is working hard on me though. It’s telling me that yanno if you just have some coke all of this would go away and you would feel a whole lot better.

I have not given in.

But think i will go and seek some Tylenol so see if that will help. Fingers crossed it will and in a few more days all of this or hopefully most of it will be far far behind.

100 Days (Day 1 – 3)

Sorry that it has taken me some time to write.

I’ve been wanting to but just could not get my fingers to kit the keys.

My coworker and i were talking the other day about soda pop and addiction of it. As of 3 weeks ago she had stopped drinking soda pop. She showed me this pretty pinkish peach coloured can and made me smell it. I do love the smell of peach even if it may be a fake smell.

I am a coke aholic. I love coke products especially coke zero. When i cannot get my hands on a coke i will grab any other kind of pop. Ginger ale is not my favourite but it will do in a pinch. I manage to stay way from fresca and mountain do. I can literally drink gallons of the stuff right from when i wake up to the time i go to bed. I have it for breakfast. I have it with dinner. I crave it. I’m visually stimulated by it. And like a lot of other fatties i have enablers to get me some including my children and my husband. If i could convince my dog to go to the store and get me some I’m sure i would make her go too!

The worst part when you are a pop drinker is that not only is your waist size HUGE as a result but at the end of the day when you’re about to go to bed, you realize how thirsty you are because you did not drink enough water for the day. Pop is not water. It may satisfy but it does not give your body the viscosity it requires in order to do the jobs it is supposed to do. And before i go to bed i find myself busy guzzling down cups and cups of water because i am thirsty. This will also mean a restless sleep as sure as sure can be I’m gonna have to get up a few times in the night to visit the toidy. I’m a hard sleeper at night and when i dream that i’m peeing the bed i wake up in a fright just in case it wasn’t a dream!

So my co-worker has already been 3 weeks into her pop free challenge. And we can be a supportive group at times and agree that this is a good idea too. Me included.

I have quit pop before and lasted for about 15 days.

SO i have decided it’s time to kick this habit and hopefully once and for all.

Today I am now into day 3 of the challenge. 100 days of this challenge will take me up to the middle of September.  The first day wasn’t so bad. I did purchase a tonic water that had flavour but no sugar. It was BLECKY to say the least. I was not able to completely drink the entire bottle and therefore was not hydrated enough!

When i got home that night the bottle of ginger ale on the floor near the fridge did taunt me. Calling my name. Daring me. Taunting me. But i was strong enough to resist. Went to bed satisfied that i made it through the first day with no soda.

Yay me. Pat Pat Pat on the back.

Day two could simply be labeled as EXHAUSTING. I did work a long shift. So may be because of the constant noise and stress etc that comes with the job. But i think it could be attributed to a bit of a sugar withdrawal. Granted this could also be because of my age. I’m not a spring chicken anymore! Even though some of the pop i had were sugar-free or sweetened with a different type of sugar it was still sugar. I was tired. I got home and went to bed very early. Slept through most of the night but don’t feel completely rested at this moment. Had a migraine though and thought it was because i slept too much. But currently wide awake enough to function. I also had more watery poops in the evening. I did drink more water and gave up on the idea at the moment to drink club soda or tonic water. I did get at least 2 1/2 litres in yesterday which is pretty good for me.

Some of those “diet” advice things available through social media suggest that i need to drink 7 litres a day because of my size. Not sure I’m going to make it to that much but don’t feel too bad about 2.

Today is now day 3. Had breakfast this morning and at the cafeteria where i eat there is no shortage of pop. Ugg there is the visual stimulation again and there is a heavenly desire once again to have pop with my toast and sausage. My brain could easily convince me that it’s a perfect combination and of course feeling still a bit loggy perhaps a pick me up that i need. I have managed so far to say no. I currently have my litre of water beside me and it is gone. So far the strength is there and the determination. That’s the tough part the determination!

So i will try to write more and track the changes that may be happening both physically and mentally.


Stay tuned.